February 06, 2005


As I said, I have to complete 3 projects this semester. I’ve decided on two of them, and should start working on them from tomorrow onwards.

The first one, for DBMS, is a sort of note-taking tool which uses tags for management. I’ve gotten to really like tagging, and I want to try out figuring how something like del.icio.us works. I’ll be writing the core API in Jython (probably), and should be able to give it a nice GUI by the end.

Another one is a password management utility for my Software Engineering class. It’s gonna be really irritating documenting each and every little change I make, and to whip up fake reports and stuff to show I ‘analysed & designed’ stuff.

The last thing I have to do is a small e-commerce app… Got a few ideas, but any suggestions are welcome.

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