February 03, 2005


Looking at something like the above image is kinda scary. It’s a view of the fog/smog spread over northern India. Something as huge as this cannot be without consequence — airports frequently close in northern India during Winter due to low visibility. Not to mention what happens to the millions of people who have to breathe this stuff (not that I’m much better off).

As nearly everyone will attest, the weather everywhere has been kinda freaky lately. I’m not one to cry wolf at every instance and blame global warming for all the world’s weather problems in addition to the poor quality of shows on TV at present, my waking up late the other day, and Dubya’s re-election… you get the drift. There have been people who’ve speculated whether the recent tsunami was caused in part by global warming — they are loons.

But you can’t deny that we humans (as insignificant as we may be) have some effect on the place we live on. And that’s where it gets tricky — how much of the mess is due to us, and whether it is harmful and such. Good luck to the people who try to solve this one.

Of course by the time we figure out what the hell is going on, it will be too late to correct our mistakes (if any). So the best thing an individual can do is try not to screw up nature too much, and hope for the best.

For a high resolution version of the image, go to NASA’s Earth Observatory site.

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