March 19, 2005

Caffeine Caffeine

I love coffee too much to ever quit drinking. I love the smell, I love the taste, I love everything about it.

But as always, there is a price for everything. And loving coffee makes me addicted to caffeine. A big-sized mug of ‘filter’ coffee would probably give me anything from 75mg to 250mg of caffeine. With instant coffee, there is no knowing what happens. It is very likely that instant coffee makers artificially boost their caffeine content to get more drinkers, as I always get much more kick out instant coffee. OK, this is just a theory based on personal experience, not to be taken too seriously.

Caffeine, scientifically known as C8H10N4O2, is a stimulant. It affects your brain, your nervous system, your heart rate, your respiration, et cetera. Not dangerous in small quantities, but anything more than 10 grams of pure caffeine could lead to an overdose.

Here’s the kicker — as you can probably tell, caffeine is addictive. Consuming any significant amount of caffeine makes you feel good, heck it even increases your reaction times. You feel ‘fresh’. But if you drink it for any long duration, your body gets dependent. I can’t really feel good at mornings before I getting my coffee.

I really started drinking coffee 3-4 years back. A couple of years back I resolved not to drink any more than a single large mug every morning. Now I usually need small ‘shots’ of coffee during college. So maybe it’s just my college that’s screwing me…

And there are a lot of beneficial effects of Caffeine as well. Once you start reading, you’d never be able to tell right from wrong, there’s just too much conflicting material out there.

I just like getting the facts. Doesn’t mean I’m going to stop drinking coffee anytime soon, everything can be made out to be addictive if you think about it long enough. And I’m not even drinking a lot of coffee, two mugs per day is the maximum.

Starting points: Caffeine on Wikipedia, Coffee on Wikipediam Caffeine node on Everything2. Or just Google for Caffeine.

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