March 24, 2005

Fisher got out.

First, I’d recommend people to read up on Bobby Fischer. Bobby Fisher is a former world chess champion — and for many the best chess player ever. Fischer is one of those rare individuals who have a lot of natural talent, and with it a discipline to hone their talent to the very extreme. Anybody who’s like this is someone I respect.

He’s an eccentric — someone who goes against what is expected of him. Again more reason for me to respect him.

But then there is the other stuff…

After winning what was billed as the “Match of the Century” in 1972, he promptly disappeared. He lived for 20 years god knows where and how, but in 1992 he came out and challenged Spassky (his last opponent) to another game. This match took place in one of the Yugoslavian republics (don’t know how the location got chosen). OK, there were severe UN sanctions against that republic, and Fisher, an American, was warned not to go there. For playing the game, he was served a warrant of arrest, after which he promptly went AWOL.

The guy’s done a lot of crazy shit since, and so on. He was arrested last year in Japan and held due to the 1992 warrant against him. He’s now been granted Icelandic citizenship; is probably heading there as I write this.

Just Google for him and you’ll get a lot of interesting reading. I can’t quite make up my mind on how I feel about him. Will just keep following the news for now.

PS: I first heard of him while watching a great movie called Innocent Moves. Do check it out if you can.

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