March 11, 2005


I’ve been a little too jaded the last 15 days. It’s getting to my nerves now, and it’s time to snap out of it. You won’t believe how I can feel as bored as I am right now and still do nothing. College’s started for one, and with it the pointless assignments. I think I can live with things being as pointless as they are, but can’t bear them to be any more meaningless.

I’ve not even started work on my projects — the term ends on first week of April. As usual, I’m trying to push my luck as far as I possible can…

And here’s the clincher — I, the person who probably loves books more than anything else, started reading Dracula more than a week ago. I find the book fascinating, and still can’t get myself to read. Not even reached a third way though yet.

Definitely time to snap out of it. Making some coffee, will wake till late coding.

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