March 15, 2005

Just play…

Will: I’m trying to explain it to you. So you play the piano. When you look at the keys, you see music, you see Mozart.

Skylar: I see “Hot Cross Buns,” but okay.

Will: Well all right, Beethoven. He looked at a piano and saw music. The fuckin’ guy was deaf when he composed the Ode to Joy. They had to turn him around to take a bow because he couldn’t hear the crowd going crazy behind him. Stone deaf. He saw all of that music in his head.

Skylar: So, do you play the piano?

Will: Not a lick. I look at a piano and I see black and white keys, three pedals and a box of wood. Beethoven, Mozart, they looked at it and it just made sense to them. They saw a piano and they could play. I couldn’t paint you a picture, I probably can’t hit the ball out of Fenway Park and I can’t play the piano—

Skylar: —But you can do my O-chem lab in under an hour, you can–

Will: —When it came to stuff like that I could always just play.


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