March 24, 2005


Got too much on my mind now. Time to take a core-dump of my brain —

I think I don’t have a cell phone myself because almost everyone else has one. If people hated cell phones, I’d probably want one too.

It’s OK for things to be meaningless most of the time, but not OK for them to be pointless all the time (this one’s been around my head for some time).

Mountains feel positive (I know, it sounds stupid.)

My eyes hurt!!!

I hope anyone who reads this till complete post does not end up killing me.

I’ll keep whining about my assignments — on principle alone.

Pearl Jam rocks.

I’m going to buy a new hard disk come May. And an USB enclosure for the old one.

My PC’s getting disorganized… Must. keep. it. neat.

I’ve got 3 days to learn Java Servlets, JSP, Tomcat, et cetera. And have to finish a working model of my Internet Theory project by these 3 days. Java sucks. And draw the Use Case/UML diagrams for my other project — after I’ve completed it. Theoretical design also sucks.

Disappointment in oneself is the hardest thing to deal with.

I love my printer.

Birds are beautiful. Bats too.

People are generally always crazy to a certain extent. I should have studied anthropology.

Do I love math or do I hate math?

I’m gonna learn the violin.

I keep making excuses…

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