March 04, 2005


My new ISP sucks. Sure, its a lot cheaper than the old one, and somewhat faster. But the really frustrating thing is that it is firewalled — it blocks most incoming ports. And it seems to totally block UDP (as far as I can tell).

I’ll tell you what this means — torrents do not download, can’t connect to eMule. Actually I hacked around and changed the client port in eMule, so that works fine now. Probably they’ve just blocked the default torrent ports, will play around with that later. One of the most annoying things is even streaming Real Media files won’t play — they use the RTSP protocol based on UDP. No more In Our Time episode downloads then.

When will ISP’s realize that when they advertise ‘24x7’ connectivity, we really expect it? The server seems to go down for a few minutes every 10-12 hours, and has already logged me off once.

And their dialler is atrocious to use — talk about UI sloppiness. All in all, I’ll still keep using this — being half the cost of my other option. But can’t say that I feel ‘loyal’ to the brand.

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