March 05, 2005

Some s/w stuff now

It’s been a long time since my last software-related post. So here goes, gotta keep my geek credentials.

7-Zip is the best open-source compression utility I could find. And it’s own compression format (.7z) results in smaller files than zip or rar files.

VLC is the video player. Whatever your needs, VLC will deliver. It’s played any file format I’ve thrown at it till date. You can stream stuff on your network, or play streaming media. It is also the most configurable player I’ve seen. There is no need to use anything else ever. It plays audio as well (of course), but I’ve had Winamp configured/hacked too perfectly for me to switch.

IsoBuster is a must on any system. It can read ‘slightly’ corrupt CD’s; the one’s that Windows hangs up on. And it’s good for extracting CD images as well.

HTTrack copies complete web-sites. You can mirror stuff using this. Can’t begin to describe how useful it’s been. Trust me, you’ll find a site you need to save sooner or later.

There are so many other tools that I can’t begin to list them all here. Bless those open source writers.

Update: Just noticed that GMail now supports a ‘basic HTML’ view. It’s compatible with old browsers too now.

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