March 28, 2005


I want to live at least till I’m a thousand years old. Come on Science, do something already. I swear, I’m feeling like hitting the next person who says that there is nothing to do, that they are bored (but I won’t). It will probably take me ten years just to do all the things that I want to do right now; not counting the things that I have to do as well.

So far I’ve managed to avoid turning into one of those high-tension freaks who keep achieving stuff without ever enjoying any of it. I have a lot of patience (at least when it comes to things I can’t control), and know I will never be able to do all the stuff I want. By the time I finish something, I’ll want to do something else — that’s just my nature. So I can hold off on what I want to do for the moment, and try to remember when I have the time.

There is an old meme floating around on blogs, a list of 200 things. You’re supposed to mark the stuff you’ve done, and also mark what you intend to do. I was going to finish that, when I realised that I’ve done almost nothing on that list, and most of the stuff was what I wanted to do. So I’m holding off till later.

Come to think of it, this patience thing of mine is probably something I developed recently — the only thing I seem to have learned from my engineering degree so far. I sure as hell haven’t learnt anything about computers that I don’t already know. Try this — sit a whole one hour lecture without doing anything at all. You can’t listen to what’s being said (at least if you are in my college). Actually, I’ve not done that so far, but will try it the next time I have a chance. Usually complete my assignments (or reading work) during lectures. Not enough time you see…

You say that this is opposite to what I started this post with — and it probably is. But well, college is something that I have to do.

Sometimes just to have fun, I try to act ‘Zen-like’ cool, and answer people with weird one-liners. Can’t keep the act going for more than a few minutes though — always end up laughing.

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