April 26, 2005

Before Sunset

I know I should be studying, but OOAD is just too boring. Reading about UML diagrams gets old real soon. So instead I saw Before Sunset.

Before Sunset is the sequel to Before Sunrise. Now Before Sunrise is one of the very few romantic movies I like—and I didn’t think I’d like the sequel as well. I had full belief the it could not be as good as the original.

It isn’t as good as the original. I’m saying this only because you have to see the first to love the second one as well. And I really loved both these movies. Even being romantic, both movies are filled with cynicism. They are also pragmatic, if that makes any sense.

I’m not going to talk about the story at all. See both the movies, and try to give a slight gap between seeing them. I think this the best sequel I’ve seen—the best continuation of a story. LotR does not count, it’s one whole story. Same with others like Kill Bill, which is essentially just one movie. And Matrix Revolutions, though it was great, ruined the trilogy for me as it turned out to be totally different from what I expected. Yeah, Before Sunset is the best sequel I’ve seen, without a doubt.


Girl said...

Really cool post. I also think you are 'spot on' about giving a gap between watching both the movies.

I have almost 'lived out' these two movies. I saw 'Before Sunrise' in 1994, when I was an idealistic 14-year-old kid. Now in 2004/5, I am 24 and like you said, the second movie is more pragmatic, and even quite cynical. What I love best about the second movie is how these two people sort of look on the funnier side even after the saddest moments have been lived out. When Selene talks about how her life's a mess, it's so sad, and the next minute she says something funny and Jesse snorts. So it is such an uneven, roller-coaster ride that way, and I was totally enjoying where all this was heading.

Dang, I should stop overanalyzing this. Like you said, "just see the movies, goddamnit!"

Ankit said...

You know, near the end when they reach the house, I was like "WOW" for a moment. Celene's house is just perfect-and just like what I imagine I'll end up like. Books thrown around everywhere, CD's, a few instruments, etc.

Just add a few nice computers and remove the pink colours, and I'm home :)