April 15, 2005

Half-blood prince cover

Check it out.

US Cover

Let the speculation on what this means begin. The Half-Blood Prince releases July 16. Should get it around the end of July around here. I calculate that it will cost around Rs. 700 to me. So expensive that I almost feel like not buying it.

Yeah, I’ve really got nothing to do. Except studying. Hence the filler post. Move along.

OK, there are other editions out as well. The above was for the US edition. Featured below are the covers for the UK children's edition and the UK adult edition. Also note, that all these editions are the same, just packaged differently. These new images via MuggleNet.

UK Adult edition coverUS Cheildren's edition cover

Another Update:
I feel like such a geek right about now.


Girl said...

Good lord, the excitement is too much!

H'm, and that is the Pensieve.

Ankit said...

Just what I thought.

Girl said...

It's a pity they won't get out the cover with the book on it, in India. The third cover is the one that will be released, just you wait. Grr.

And I was also so much in love with the 'adult version' of the Order of the Phoenix. Oh well.

Headshot Man said...
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Anonymous said...

wow! I had forgotten HP for quite some time but after seeing the cover.. I guess my rage is back!

I AM SO SO EXCITED.! But i dont think that is the pensieve

Oh and it would be really a costly book. I think I will share the book and split the price with someone! WAITING for this one..

P.S. Was there really an adult version of the 5th book????

Ankit M

Ankit said...

About the adult editions, they're the same as any other. They're just packaged differently - the covers are more 'serious looking'. Probably so that people won't feel embarrassed carrying them around ;)

And ya, the fifth book also had an adult edition. I spent a couple of days figuring out that it was the same as the one I bought.

Luckdragon said...

The adult versions also look better, IMO. I loved the adult version cover for the 5th book.