April 01, 2005

Hard Work?

OK — I define hard work somewhat differently than most people. Hard work for me is not a measure of how much effort you put in, it’s how much you think. Also, its about doing things that are hard, not tedious. But for the purpose of this post, lets assume hard work is what everyone thinks it is and continue.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for people working hard. I wouldn’t know, I’ve rarely, if ever, worked hard. But I think hard work by itself is not a virtue.

Lets face it, if you work hard and don’t get anything done, you’re just plain dumb.

I don’t understand why people value efforts more than results. Why people like anyone who slogs through life. People rooting for the underdog is understandable, but people getting pissed at the winner is not. It seems that no one values talent in today’s society. It’s as if you’re not supposed to do anything you’re good at — you should do something which is hard for you to do in order for it to mean something.

I admit this is a personal issue for me — I think I’m smart (I’m not being too pretentious, people keep telling me I’m smart). So far I’ve managed to pass through life without working too hard. I’ve always got to the ballpark of what I’ve aimed for (not the top, and not anywhere near the bottom of anything). And throughout my life everyone has told me that I’m too lazy.

I’m always compared to other people. Hard working people. And always it seems like I’ve committed some great sin if I beat someone who works harder than me without too much effort.

And people get offended when I don’t care. Seriously, a few people have been horrified at how little effort I put into studies. Most don’t believe me of course. Some get angry — they don’t like the fact that I have it so easy, and this I understand. But most just treat me differently.

And what bothers me a lot is that nobody wants to be smart. People seem satisfied with what they know so far.

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