April 23, 2005

Placements fun

April 17th:
New poll on college’s placement related Yahoo Group.

Should the limit of holding only 1 placement offer be relaxed?


Its a stupid rule.

April 18th:
Guy in charge of placements:

I feel that it is important that you know the bare facts before you jump to any conclusions or form any opinion on the placement policy. As far as the rules are concerned, there are only three major issues which they seek to cover.
1. Who should be eligible for placement?
2. Should students preparing for competitive examinations be permitted to take part in the placement process?
3. Should students already selected by any certain company be permitted to apply for placement in some other company as well?
… the third issue is a most controversial and generally requires a more cool-headed response than that it is a stupid matter.The college is generally considered to be obligated to provide placement to all those who apply for the same.
… As of now the college management is very firm on not allowing a single student to hold more than one job offer. If we are to seek to oppose this policy, then we better have strong reasons for doing so,

This was a really long mail.

I could go on an on posting transcripts, but that would be besides the point. In 5 days, 25 messages have been posted on this topic alone. My first flame war, heh. This is really a lot of fun. I think I should start commenting on Slashdot now.

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