April 21, 2005

Quandary phase… Yippie

I’m excited! BBC is gonna start the Quandary phase of the Hitchhiker’s Guide radio show from May 3. And as BBC is so cool and all, you’ll be able to listen to the episodes online. Quandary phase = the fourth series. The Quintessential Phase (fifth series) will start on 31 May.

All Hitchhiker’s Guide fans rejoice. I can tell you, the radio show is almost surely going to be a lot better than the new movie, not that anything’s gonna stop me from watching the movie as well. Only bad news is that there seem to be only 4 episodes in this series.

Ok, links. Here’s BBC Radio 4’s page on the new series. Here’s a link to the downloadable trailer for the Quandary phase. Link to the production diary.

People who are not familiar with the Hitchhiker’s Guide — all I can tell you is


All in good time.

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