April 06, 2005

Searching weirdness

Keeping ‘Twisted’ in your blog name is bound to induce a lot of weird traffic. But some of this stuff really is too weird — here are some ‘twisted’ things that people searched for and reached here:

  • Twisted Desktop
  • twisted quotes
  • may your road be twisted
  • scripts twisted
  • most twisted movie plots
  • Machiavelli quote twisted
  • really weird and twisted stuff
  • twisted soap
  • getting twisted

Then there is the other stuff that’s also weird.

  • can’t view hindi on firefox
  • how to format my pc?
  • fight club in mumbai
  • chess lotr triology
  • repetition lies
  • Idealist view on spamming

I’ve not been keeping tabs on this for long, only a week or two. I’ll definitely keep looking now, it’s too funny to miss.


Girl said...

The worst one I got was "beauty parlour in mumbai for full body shaving".

The others are stunningly sane in comparison.

Ankit said...

Wow... that is the worst.