April 14, 2005

Sify again

I’m going to write something positive for a change.

OK, since the last week of March, I suddenly started getting great speeds from Sify. Around 2.5–3 times what I was supposed to get. I was of course really happy, and thought it was just a fluke. My luck, as it were, and kept quiet about it. Then when I renewed my connection for April, I still got great speeds.

Now I’ve come to realize that Sify’s actually increased the bandwidth to most customers. People say that’s because in the recent budget, broadband prices were cut by around 70%; and Sify just upgraded people’s plans instead of making the plans cheaper.

Whatever the reason is, I’m happy with Sify at present. It’s not perfect; but better than most options at present. Other ISP’s have not upgraded their plans yet.

OK, I still can’t view/download Real Media files, which sucks. And their default dialler really sucks, but EasySify does the job really well. Thanks to Ankit Malik for this one.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

welcome for that :)

but I wonder why you cant download Rm files... I can download them all right and I am on Sify!

but they didnt increase the speeds for me :((