April 17, 2005


I know I’m late, but you’ve just got to see what these people at 37signals keep coming up with. First of all, there is their blog—Signal vs. Noise which is great. And it looks really nice.

Their main product, Basecamp is also really cool. Its a web-application for project management, but you can use it for almost anything. I played around for a while, and am definitely going to use this for my final year project. It’s just too much fun to use.

Then there’s Ta-Da List, which has Basecamp’s to-do list functionality for free. It’s just the simplest web-application ever; but still damn useful. You just create to-do lists, and check off stuff you’ve done. Try it, you’ll never understand why it is so useful. I’m keeping the list private, as its embarrassing how much stuff I plan to do which never gets done at all. Hate the name though.

Now I’m hyped over Backpack, their upcoming app. No idea what it’s gonna be, so much for the better.

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