April 24, 2005

Today in Hardware…

OK, I woke up this morning and my PC won’t boot. Here’s my normal routine I wake up, and then go to sleep again. Repeat this a few times, then finally wake up. Start the PC, go brush my teeth and stuff. Sit on the PC for some time, make some coffee and then sit for some more time.

I know, I spend way too much time in front of the monitor. Anyways, today the PC didn’t start at all. The power supply was OK, the monitor showed it’s blinking light thingy. After some head-scratching, I realized that the power button of the cabinet was done for. Oh shit, I said.

I opened the cabinet, poked my head here and there trying to figure out how to deal with this. Then went and made some coffee. Came back, and looked around for a few more minutes. Finally figured out how to remove the cabinet’s front side—had never done that before. Coughed for a few minutes at all the dust, brought the vacuum cleaner and got rid of that.

I had a brilliant idea by this time — exchange the wires for the Power & Reset switches. I’ve never used the Reset switch at all. After poking around, finally saw where the wires for these two switches went in the motherboard. Promptly removed the wires, exchanged them and we’re through.

Before doing this, I spent a frantic 5 minutes searching for the motherboard manual, just in case there was some useful information in it. Could not find it at all.

So I’m sitting at my PC today wearing an incredibly smug look. You see, I’m not a hardware guy at all. From now on, I want to be known as the ‘master of the little switches’.

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Luckdragon said...

Hahahaha@master of the little switches.

I know how it feels when you get up in the morning, brush your teeth, make yourself a cup of coffee, and are confronted with a PC that won't boot. Nightmare situation, heh :P.