April 07, 2005

Writing assignments

Any engineering student (at least any Mumbai University student) will tell you what is the worst waste of time imaginable — writing those damn assignments.

Here’s what we’re supposed to do: each subject a minimum number of practical/theory assignments prescribed in the syllabus. That is, you have to complete them.

But the problem comes in when you have to complete all of them in around 1–2 months time. Counting study leave, time for practical exams, preliminary exams, board exams, the various college ‘festivals’ and the break between semesters, there is only around one month of college time in a 6 month semester. And you’re expected to do most of the work in and around this time.

Which is fine. I solve all my programming assignments just fine. But there is the theory stuff that gets to me.

You’re supposed to copy down what’s given in the textbooks. I tried writing my own answers once, and that was a horrible experience. If what you write is different in any way, the professor generally don’t understand a word of it.

And I still don’t get why we are supposed to write. This semester, for DBMS, we had to fight the professor for a week to let us take printouts. She wanted us to copy down the SQL queries we solved in the practicals, and then copy down the results of those queries, and write the whole bloody thing in a tabular form.

You’re supposed to learn stuff in college if I heard it right. But I’m more than half–way through, and I can honestly say I’ve learned nothing at college. Absolutely nothing. I’ve written an awful lot though…

Well, for me the drudgery ends tomorrow (I really really hope). Term ends tomorrow, and most of the files are in order. This post is rubbish, am too frustrated right now to even think straight.

Anyways, am looking forward to anything but writing now.

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akshay said...

I agree with u completely on this one ... !! If there is one fuk*** thing i wud like to change in my entire life (academic change) then it wud b writing that piece of shit