May 07, 2005


As you can see, there is a small 125×125 Google ad on the top of the sidebar now. Or if you’re smart and use Adblock, you can only see the empty div.

I hate ads. I block them with a vengeance, and won’t even see them on my own site. I recommend that people do the same. So why the hell am I placing ads over here, you ask?

OK, with AdSense you get paid when your balance hits 100$. This 100$ will translate into at least Rs. 4000, cutting whatever tax and currency exchange stuff that goes on. I don’t know for sure. Now, with Rs. 4000, I can buy 20 books.

I just can’t resist free stuff like this. Who cares if it take a year, or two for the first cheque to arrive.

Here are the things I’m not gonna do—I’m not gonna watch my own ads. Everything’s blocked by Adblock. I’m not gonna click on my ads. I hate ads. I’m not gonna ask people to click on my ads. Though anyone who wants to click can click away, it’s all good.

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Anonymous said...

hey dude nice u too using googles adsense hope u get paid soon ;) nway i had read google adsense policy and reported to google abt three site and one blogger who was violating this policy and u wont belive i got responce from google and all three site and one blogger has lost there adsense account.thats right google care for each and every advertiser and dosnt allow to west money by froud clicks.:) sorry ank my visits to ur blogger r redused but i cant do any thing else my bro had locked computer very sad but this is for my benift only i was spending 15 hr on comp thats really bad for my studies .neay best luck for exames