May 20, 2005


I registered at Bloglines quite a while back, and never got used to it. But yesterday, I suddenly got the urge to use Bloglines—the number of sites I keep visiting grows daily. And you can customize the Firefox toolbar only so much.

I have spent a lot of time today just adding more and more sites to my account—around 45 so far. And I’m keeping them private for a change.

It took a long while coming, but now I’m finally on the aggregator bandwagon. Even after using Bloglines for a couple of hours, I can’t imagine switching back. Using an aggregator means I can keep track of relatively obscure blogs, without getting overwhelmed by them. If I’m not in the mood, I can just ‘mark them read’, and ignore. Also, I can subscribe to stuff like the Calvin & Hobbes and Dilbert feeds—more fun.

Bloglines has a really neat interface—and I can always customize it a little more with a couple of Greasemonkey scripts. And it’s better than desktop based aggregators (FeedDemon, et cetera); being web–based, I can use it from anywhere.


Derik said...

45? That's nothing!

I'm up to 158.

Ankit said...

Pushing 55 :)

I'm remembering places I've visited once or twice and thought were cool, but didn't have the time to visit again. This is great!

Marshall Kirkpatrick said...

Before you get too entrenched in Bloglines, check out Newsgator. I like it much better. I set up a sample populated account at user: marshalldemo password:welcome

I trust you know about Furl, too? I love all this stuff.

Ankit said...

Hmm... that's intresting. Newsgator has a much better "look", this is just my first impression.

I'll look at it a bit closely later. I'm still scratching the surface of what Bloglines can do.