May 13, 2005

The Bourne Identity

I’m not talking about the movie, I’m talking about the book which is by Robert Ludlum. I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately, probably just to re–assure myself. This reading–like–crazy thing is after almost a month of no reading. All you bibliophiles will sympathise.

This reading will probably come to a stop again—gotta study. But back to the topic at hand—I wanted to read a good thriller. And the Bourne Identity is a good thriller (stop me, I can feel this post go too crazy as it is).

The book is a lot better than the movie, and I thought the movie was pretty decent. You have your standard killing machine (Bourne) surfacing in some quaint little French town without his memory. As soon as he re-enters the world, people start trying to kill him. He abducts a woman to get our of a particularly nasty situation, so of course these two fall deeply in love. There’s murder, suspense, intrigue—everything you’d want in a good thriller.

Highly recommended. And don’t mistake me, this is not some dumb book you’d pick up. It is intellectually satisfying as well. Not terribly intellectual though. You get the drift, don’t ya?

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nandish said...

yeah the movie was good...remember we watched it @ geo's place.