May 11, 2005

Eastern Standard Tribe

Eastern Standard Tribe was a really good book as well. In many ways a much better book than Down & Out, but I like the first one more.

Set slightly in the future, I really like the idea of people grouping together based on time–zones. I like the idea of tribalism. Anything’s better than arbitrary countries. Again, the fascinating future is a backdrop to one man’s like. Our main character is an ‘usability expert’ of all things—I really love that it’s his job to spot the obvious.

Read the book if you want the story. I’m too hammered to write more. Been reading stuff on the PC for the last 3 days straight—my eyes are not going to take much more strain. Especially on the 5 year old CRT I still use.


Sunil Natraj said...

Hmm anks,

I see that you have been using your time productively

Ankit said...

Actually I'm feeling more productive than I've felt in a while. Not done any studies, but I'm back to reading with a vengence :)

Sunil Natraj said...

Regarding studies,

"Kya Pharak Padta Hai??? Usko Chod!!"