May 29, 2005

Few Google updates

OK, first of all, they enhanced the Gmail Atom feed a bit—you have per-label feeds now. Just add the label name at the end of the feed URL. For example, I let Blogger email me whenever I have a new comment here, and Gmail filters it under the label ‘Comments’. So if I just want to see if I have any new comments, I can use this feed —

I’d say about time. I had this though for a while now, but I don’t remember whether I actually put in the feature request. So no gloating. Oh, and I’d like to add that the Gmail feed works best as a Firefox LiveBookmark.

Then there’s My Search History, which I love. It’s very useful to see which links I’ve already clicked in previous searches. OK, there is no way to export previous search data—I put up a request for this.

I’ve always though that any web application that stores your data must provide a way to export it. Which is one reason why I love those guys at 37Signals, both Backpack & Basecamp allow you to export data in XML—even if you’re a free user. And this is why I hate companies like Haloscan.

OK, back to the subject here, Search History only works if you’re using—take a note to set your default to that page only and not

Oh, and Google now has personalised pages, fun to look at a couple of times just to see the funky Javascript drag-and-drop actions, but really beside the point. They did say somewhere that this is just the basic functionality and they’re going to add more stuff—but at the present moment they seem useless. Unless you want everything on one page…

These pages give me a reminder of the MyYahoo page. Ughhh.

Speaking of Yahoo, it seems that they’re not sitting quiet (of course). And Yahoo’s been increasingly getting praise lately from the bloggers as well, the tables are turned now that Yahoo is the underdog, you see.

OK, Yahoo Video search is really cool. And they just recently unvieled a search page where you can sort the results from commercial to non-commercial. Really cool stuff.

Sidenote: some of this is old news, but I’ve been collecting odd bits like this and trying to make a post. And I don’t have much time right now to think of the post’s structure…


The Unrest Cure said...

Thanks for the tip on filters. Didn't notice this, and it's muchos useful.

Incidentally, has anyone requested for categories on blogger? Things would be so much easier with those. Does Blogger, like Google, take requests?

Ankit said...

I'm sure hundreds of people have already requested categories. So I never did that. You can enter Bug reports/feature requests at the "Talk to Us" page.

What I would *love* is a feed for recent comments on you blog. With a feed, you can look at recent comments on other blogs too ;)

OK, posted that request...I always kept forgetting to do so.

The Unrest Cure said...

I'd already sent in a request when I posted this. Just wanted to know if they have a history of making changes as per requests. Fingers crossed. :)