May 27, 2005

Finally studying…sort of

OK, tomorrow’s the exam. I studied a little yesterday—which means Googling around for information. The subject is Internet Theory & Applications, which is just a fancy name for saying ‘everything remotely related to the web’. The syllabus includes everything to web technology theory to HTML to ASP/JSP. But the questions asked in the exam are simple—they can’t humanly expect people to know the in–depth details of everything in six months.

I’ve not even bought a text–book for this one, because frankly that’d be a waste of money. Here’s what I do:

  1. Keep Firefox open.
  2. Lookup what topics are there in the syllabus.
  3. Enter define:[topic name] in the Google search box. For example, define:WWW
  4. Lookup the same at Wikipedia. I conveniently get a link to the Wikipedia article for nearly every definition search.

OK, for some of the others, I do Google around a bit more intelligently. But this works for most.


Sunil Natraj said...

Its Internet Technology and Applications.

Ankit said...

LOL, ok.

The Unrest Cure said...

Thanks...didn't notice the comments problem on my blog. I absolutely *love* the design, but changes are in the offing. Come Tuesday, I will be going through and understanding ze code and making ze changes. We customise compulsively. *grin*

Apropos classifying sci-fi, I have the same problem when classifying music. I guess that's how the term 'alternative' came about. Heh.

I'd read your post on Backpack after the 'Girl with Tarantino names' passed the link on to me. Interesting. Registered, but not used yet.

Do take a look at codey's take on Backpack - Packitback

Take a look at too. It's Wiki and more.

Ankit said...

I do use, but usually the only thing worthy of reading over there is the content picked up from Wikipedia. I installed the search plugin too...

One thing I discovered recently on Backpack is the 'changes' RSS feed--I just plug it into my Bloglines and I know when any of my friends have changed the pages I've shared :)

The Unrest Cure said...

Depends on what you're looking for, I guess. I found that had a lot more on literature, particularly Popular Fiction- I got info on Ian Fleming, Asimov, Margaret Mitchell, Lewis Carrol, Agatha Christie AND the characters in the fiction I had to study. Wasn't able to get much on Wiki.

I've recently discovered Bloglines. Any feed suggestions? (Gosh, that sounds weird!). So far: blogs + Knowledge@Wharton and HBR.

Anything with Calvin & Hobbes and literature? Thanks.

Ankit said...

I mostly use Wiki for tech stuff.

OK, literature feeds...I'm looking through my Bloglines list, and can't seem to find any. There's Language Log, but that's basically a blog on English.

Now I *need* to find some lit feeds :(

Hey, the Salon feed does have some lit news...