May 19, 2005

Firefox profiles

I finally made Firefox the default browser on my system some time ago. I keep logged in to all my usual sites, and this is a shared machine. I really like my privacy, so I let the other’s use IE, that is until I discovered profiles. So now I keep two profiles—a default one that everyone used, and mine which I can load with a special shortcut. The -p "profile name" switch does the trick nicely.

Everything was fine until Firefox started getting too unwieldily. I’ve used the same profile since Firefox 0.8—a really long time. Don’t know why, but this profile got really screwed up recently. I created a new profile today—and spent almost an hour customizing it again. Importing the old bookmarks, installing all the extensions I use, installing all the Greasemonkey scripts I like and so on.

And then going to each and every site I frequent—and signing in again. Gmail, Blogger, Sitemeter, Backpack,, IMDb, et cetera. Now I can surf at peace.

Seriously, if I don’t buy a notebook when I get working, I’d have to get a USB thumb drive and use Portable Firefox.


Sunil Natraj said...

Dude...."NEWS" paper.

Girl said...

Hey Anks, loved the review on Star Wars. Am unashamedly forwarding it to friends. Will try and credit you for leading me to it as much as possible :P

Ankit said...