May 04, 2005

Greasemonkey scripts

Greasemonkey is a Firefox plugin that lets you run custom Javascript files on specific pages. That is, you get to add functionality to sites you visit often. You can write these scripts yourself, or you can just search the huge repository to see whether any of those scripts seem useful.

Without a doubt, Greasemonkey has become my favourite Firefox extension. I’ve got lots of scripts loaded up. Here are some that everyone should find useful —

  • Gmail Tweaks adds persistent searches to Gmail. Really cool.
  • Auto-Complete makes posting stuff to easier. And it works with the ‘experimental’ interface too.
  • Lickr is Flickr! without the Flash interface. I’m loving it!
  • Google Butler is Mark Pilgrim’s script to ‘enhance’ Google searches. It does a lot of things. Check it out before installing.
  • BoingBoing Butler does the same for Boing Boing.
  • And you can finally fix Slashdot’s colour schemes. Really good on the eyes.

That should get you started. Look at the huge repository to find more scripts.


Julien Couvreur said...

I'm looking for cool new ideas for Greasemonkey scripts.
If you have some, please post them on the user script request page on the GM wiki or drop me a note on my blog. The GM mailinglist is also a good place to discuss suggestions.

In the meanwhile, here's a bunch more I wrote.

Ankit said...

Thanks for stopping by. I didn't know there was a script request page. Cool, there are a few over there that I can try my hand at.

Thinking about it, I do have a few script requests. One would be adding 'nested labels' support to Gmail. That is, somehow adding a hierarchy to your labels. Am adding that to the request page.