May 27, 2005


And here’s another thing I saw yesterday—the government it seems has opened up the registration process for .in domains. This means that anyone can register their very own .in domain, no questions asked. I did some checking, most of the interesting names are already taken. Some names I really liked were:

You really can come up with loads of neat stuff with .in in the URL. This all reminded me that I also plan to keep a domain—and I’ll have to register soon. People keep taking up all the cool stuff. I’ll buy one (I’ve got two probable names at present, can’t decide); but I’m not sure that I’ll just move my blog there. I’ll probably keep the domain dormant till I have some cash.

Too bad they need a minimum 3 letters in the name; otherwise well would be my first choice.

Please people, do post any domain name recommendations you have.

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