May 07, 2005

Kingdom of Heaven

Kingdom of Heaven

Kingdom of Heaven turns out to be surprisingly good. You’ve got your standard story line here—poor man loses all, becomes knight, fights a war, leads an army, and so on. I expected watching it to be fun, but thought the movie would be forgettable. Instead, I saw a really good movie that I’m not gonna forget anytime soon.

Ridley Scott delivers yet again. Like Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven too sets the standard for Hollywood action movies. Expect lots of similar movies to follow in a couple of years. And Orlando Bloom acts well in this one—the biggest surprise for me. There’s hope for him yet.

What I really like about the movie is that it takes a sensitive subject like the Crusades, and glances at it sideways. Throughout the movie you see bloodied action and fanaticism, but the movie’s not about that. It’s just about a man caught in these circumstances.

Cinematically the movie is great. Saw it at the Adlabs Multiplex, which has a good screen. The music is not great—there was no central theme to the score. And the volume was a little too high for my liking, probably some fault at our end.

Of course the battle scenes were great—this goes without saying. So to finish up, I’d say this is a great start to the summer season. Bring on the rest already!

Off to a sidenote—I really like it when new movies are released here at the same time they release in the States. I’m a movie geek, I check sites like ComingSoon daily. I download trailers. And then to wait for months at an end after some movie’s opened to watch it sucks. I’m still waiting for news on Sin City, and don’t know how long I’ll wait before grabbing a pirated copy. I remember waiting for 3 months for the LotR movies—they showed here in March. I tell ya, waiting really sucks.

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Girl said...

Nice review. Will give it a look, mainly for Ridley Scott. But I for one dislike Orlando Bloom to madness.

And about waiting for the LoTR movies, don't get me started. Had to resist (with every fibre of my being) the pirated CDs before the movie came out.