May 27, 2005

The latest trailers

Batman Begins

The full–length trailer for War of the Worlds, released today, blew my mind. This is one movie which I know is going to be fun to see. When Spielberg makes an action flick, you go and see it.

OK, hearing Gothic Power play on the trailer brought a smile to my face. That’s the same music as the FotR trailer, for all you not–trailer–geeks. This piece of music is particularly powerful—it just build and builds. Perfect for trailers. Can’t find a link for a good page on it, Google for it if you want.

Uh, the Potter–maniacs out there should know that the teaser for Goblet of Fire has been out for a while. Seems promising so far.

Of course, the “international” trailer for Batman Begins if terrific—the movie opens here on 19th June & I’m going. I don’t think Christopher Nolan will disappoint.

Also, I’m willing to bet on Russell Crowe winning an Oscar for Cinderella Man. Any takers?

No new trailers for Serenity or A Scanner Darkly unfortunately. I did check out a Fantastic Four trailer, and surprise surprise, it seemed a decent movie. Who knows?


Sunil Natraj said...

AM totally smashed after teh paper. Fuck DB. I am gonna do it on Monday

Ankit said...


I'm seriously considering icing my hand.