May 03, 2005

Minor blog re-design

The blog looks much better now, if you’re using Firefox. I was tired of seeing the same old thing everyday. But it looks really horrible if you’re using IE.

I had a whole step-by-step process thought out—finalize new layout, change the template, and Base64 encode any images used to make sure they always work. But I’m no designer—make one change here or there and the blog looked better in one browser, worse in another.

I’ve just given up and used some Firefox specific CSS to get it looking a little good. Sorry to all those who prefer Opera or Safari—I’ll try and port the look to other browsers as well.


Sohel Dadia said...

hey dude,good design.But i think it will look cool if u keep the curves on both sides same.

Ankit said...

Wow, that was quick! A comment while I was re-publishing the blog.

And ya, the design is still in the initial stages. I kept the corners asymmetric 'coz I kinda have a image in my head of what the final design is gonna look like. I want some sort of 'visual clues' to make the eye look down at the page, and clearly separate the main & sidebar areas. A load of crap, I tell ya ;-)