May 16, 2005

More Insomnia

I’ve started sleeping erratically again. This just proved my theory that I don’t sleep well if I don’t do anything throughout the day. I’ve been way too lazy lately, and I’m guessing I can’t go to sleep early when I don’t feel tired. And no one will feel tired after sitting around the house the whole day.

I’m back to getting sleep late—02:00 to 03:00 hours. And I spend at least 45 minutes tossing and turning before getting sleep. I’ve tried everything, nothing works. I should start doing some studies—those would surely put me to sleep. But I can’t seem to get started. Same with exercising—I need that badly.

Another weird thing is that I’ve been dreaming way more than usual. Nothing I remember unfortunately.


Sunil Natraj said...

You need a girfriend.... that would help you.
Stop sitting behind the pc whole day.. lol

Sohel Dadia said...

dude stop drinking coffee.I think it should help u a bit.

Ankit said...

“Men who are unhappy, like men who sleep badly, are always proud of the fact.”—Bertrand Russell

Girl said...

Fie! Don't let them get you down, fellow insomniac! :P I love coffee! I also love the Russell quote, LOL. Hahhahahahaa.

Or better still, read Naipaul. That's bound to cure your insomnia.