May 18, 2005


I’m getting a little frustrated. I’ve got a lot of cousins—all younger than me. Most are kids. Now, two of them come over and stay for a few days every time they get a break. These two are sisters—but don’t get along at all. So they come here one at a time. Right now one sister’s staying with us. She’ll stay for a few more days—then the other sister will come over.

I like these people—but I can’t stand anyone for long periods of time. Having them over really screws up my life—they keep wanting to play games on the PC. I had to dig up a few old freeware games for them. I don’t have any privacy at all now—they just keep staring at the computer wide–eyed wanting to know what I’m doing.

I can’t stand that. I hate it when people keep looking over my shoulder. So much that I’ve not even logged in to MSN messenger for a week now. I can’t chat with people watching.

So I’m going out more. Studying at friends’. Just hang out anywhere but home.


Sunil Natraj said...

awww.......Poor thing. Wishing that the other comes soon. LOL

nandish said...

remember anushka and prashant?... goa trip.

Girl said...

Damn! I hear ya. :(

Anonymous said...

same like me when ever i am doing anything on compand any one come i dont like at all....well how s life going on

Ankit said...

Sunil: The other's coming tomorrow. It seems that they both get along now, so they both will stay.

Nandish: Don't remind me.

Sandeep: Everything except studies are going as well as can be, considering all this...