May 21, 2005



Saw Revenge of the Sith yesterday—and I’m not much for doing proper reviews. You’d be better off reading this one.

I’m not a ‘huge’ Star Wars fan, but I am quite familiar with the whole universe. I’ve watched all the movies so far—I even liked the first two prequels. Attack of the Clones especially worked for me—it was not perfect, but didn’t deserve all the negative reactions I keep reading.

Anybody who knows Star Wars knows what is going to happen in this movie. The question remains—how does it happen? And for once, a Star Wars movie fulfills the expectation surrounding it. The whole movie is of course centred around Anakin’s fall. Everything is almost perfect—except at the key moment it seems that he gives in too easily.

Throughout the prequels, I’ve thought that Anakin’s character is the only one that really makes sense. You know he’s a good guy, but his good intentions lead him to hell. I’m getting a little spoilerish, but the scene after Anakin’s transformed into Darth Vader is great. The first thing he asks Palpatine how Padmé is—who replies that Anakin killed her in his rage. You can almost feel the man breaking in that scene—and no wonder he will turn on Palpatine in Return of the Jedi due to this.

The temptation & fall of Anakin is the reason you see the movie. The rest of it is not that great—everyone knows that Lucas can’t write love. Some minor gripes—I can’t understand the reason to have the same two annoying droids in the prequels. That really screws up the story. Same with having a cameo appearance by Chewbacca. It’s like Lucas shows them due to popular demand to see them, not due to any reason that makes sense to the story.

I just can’t make up my mind on George Lucas, the man gives you such perfect cinematic moments at times, and then sometimes screws it all up. But I really liked that he keeps the story threads together in this one. It shows that he had planned the prequels while making the original triology as well. He didn’t have the details worked out, this is for certain. But he knew the general direction of the story.

You add John Williams and Star Wars, and you get a soundtrack you’ll not forget anytime soon. The musical themes themes are all recognizable, and still fresh. Don’t know how the guy does it.

This is a Star Wars movie for people who like Star Wars—other’s will enjoy it, but not as much.

On a side note, there is one thing that ruins my movie going experience. There is a rule in Maharashtra—cinema owners have to play the Indian National Anthem before the start of each movie. I just wish that I wasn’t chicken, and just sit out the damn thing. I hate displays of patriotism. I like my country, but excess of patriotism, especially political rhetoric and jingoism in the name of the country get me heated up. When the national anthem plays, everyone in the stadium stands up. I stand up too—crowds are too damn scary. Just wish that I’d have the guts to say “I’ll fucking like my country in whatever way I goddamn like, not how you want me to.” That’s all.


Sunil Natraj said...

Arre Ankit,
Please understand. As the people in the CMs office have no other way to display "patriotism" they resort to this.

Girl said...

Would love to be subjected to the National Anthem bit. I am just waiting to get into a fight these days. Heh.