May 24, 2005

Storm clouds on the horizon…

OK, my exams start on this Saturday. I’ve had almost 20 days ‘preparatory leave’ till date—and I’ve studied on 3 of these days. I’ve not even touched a book today. This is some serious shit I’m in right now.

I love the feeling you get as times like these are about to come—I’m slightly nervous, slightly excited. You know you should be doing something, but you just can’t do it until the last possible moment, even if you’ve got nothing else to do. I’m not a very physical person, and adventure sports and the such are a big no for me. This is my way of getting a fix. And what’s more, this works.

You get a feeling of satisfaction if you succeed without any major efforts; it’s like saying ‘screw you’ to the world in general.

So far all this has paid off—I’ve never got such good grades, which gives me a warm & fuzzy feeling. But I’m bound to crash one of these days. Lets see what happens then.

For now, I’m going to watch a movie. Or read some book—fiction, not related to computers. Or just hang around book sites like Strand, Landmark or First & Second looking for some good deals.

A warning—once I do get to the point where I can’t put off the exams any longer, the posting frequency here will probably be greatly reduced. Exams are on till the 9th of June, FYI.


anKor said...

i wish i have your blog name

Ankit said...

And I wish I had so many others! :)

Girl said...

I love the title of this blog post.