May 29, 2005

Wiki quirkiness

There’s a whole subculture around Wikipedia, something I suspected but never cared enough to check for. Then I found the page on Bad Jokes and Other Deleted Nonsense. Seriously, check it out.

Looking at some of the pages there, I came over gems like this one which was originally added to the H2G2 page

Editor’s Note: Rumor & conjecture abound that the Wikipedia is a cleverly planned effort by the publishers of the Encyclopedia Galactic to undermine sales of the Guide. We categorically deny these allegations. Furthermore, we request that any and all leads as to the identity of those persons, aliens, objects, enlightended beings, or telemarketers perpetrating these lies be sent directly to Thank you.

It finally hit me what an amazing place Wikipedia is. I already knew the stats and all of course, but I never really thought much of it. Just goes to show that things you’ve used for what seems to be forever can keep surprising you.

OK, I’m looking forward to writing a few articles there. Or I’ll just correct the typos. Whatever.

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