June 06, 2005


I’ve always been a misanthrope (sort of), but lately I’ve been feeling more & more anti-social.

Anti-social as in I don’t want anything to do with (most) other people. Consider this—I’ve not signed on to any IM for nearly two weeks (sort of, I usually keep myself in invisible mode). The only people I call and talk to are (a few) college friends, and we normally bitch about the exams. Yesterday we had some sort of dinner at our apartment building—I didn’t go. Sat and watched Kill Bill instead. I go to college for the exams and just meet up with a few friends at out ‘regular’ place—don’t really talk to others. I visit only a few other blogs—can’t care about the rest.

I’ve always had trouble relating to others—I’m just not cut out to be social. I can’t empathize with what others are feeling, I see everything through my point of view alone.

It’s not that bad—I get along well with people and am usually really nice to be around. I think my current slump in social skills is just my frustration at these mind-numbingly-boring exams coming out—again.

I should probably be back to normal in three days. Hopefully.

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Girl said...

Join the club. The more morons I meet, the more I am convinced that all I need to look forward to, in life, is a good dose of books, movies, music, and the prospect of going to people's funerals and standing over their graves with a smug smile on my face.

About staying at home and watching Kill Bill, like the Who say, "I know how it feels son, 'cos it runs in the family."