June 02, 2005

The Bastards…how dare they!

OK, I don’t normally care about current issues and news as such, but this one hurts. Hell, even Yahoo! picked it up.

The idiots we have over here in the Maharashtra government, when the state’s in the middle of a huge power crisis, have banned people selling books on streets.

OK, around Chruchgate there is a huge collection of hawkers selling every book under the sun you can find, and cheap. After every semester, I go around there and pick up as many good books I can find. Heck, there are so many books there that I’m lost most of the times, I just stare. I even have a regular guy I go to, who gives me the best deals as he knows I always come back. He even goes around looking for books I want if he does not have them.

Now all gone…

Ya, they had banned hawkers years ago, but they never acted on it. They’re evicting anyone who’s selling books there now. I’m not too worried, they will set up shop somewhere else. But I don’t think that it will again be at the same scale. OK, exams get over in a week, I’ll have to go the next day and check. Can’t stand the thought of losing all those books…


hitesh said...

I believe you are right
Hey ankit i believe that the book ppl should not have been evicted
its really terrible, even i got most of the books in my collection frm there,
by the way best of luck for ur exams
wish me the same

Ankur said...

flora fountain bookwallas gone .... this is a sad news