June 22, 2005

Batman Begins…sort of

We should put up a rule or something that says that movies should be at least as good as their trailers promise. I was high on anticipation for the latest Batman flick, and the movie was lukewarm to say the least.

The good—a few actors were really good. Morgan Freeman was impeccable as always. The newcomer Cillian Murphy was also really good—his character was the only Batman villain that makes some sense. The look of the film was great. And Nolan does as good a job as he could IMO. Gary Oldman is wonderful as ever.

The bad—this is gonna be long. First of all, at least correct all the gaping plot holes before shooting a film. Maybe the writers should read up on microwave emitters or something. Plus the bad guys don’t make any sense in this movie. Ohh, they destroyed Rome and burned down London. WTF.

Christian Bale acts like he’s still shooting for Equilibrium—showing no emotion in an attempt be the dark & broody guy. I really like what I’ve seen him do, but don’t like him in this movie. And what’s up with his voice after he puts on the suit?

And enough of the superhero/martial arts cliché’s already. To fight fear, you must become fear. Those lines sounded good in the trailers, but no one can bear the 20 minutes of the same.

Still, I’d consider this movie to be the best of the Batman series—just look at the others. But I had expected so much more.

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