June 04, 2005

Book tagged!

OK, another one of them memes. (via Shweta).

Starting with my addition —
The book that makes me feel like a piece of shit:
The only contender here is Ulysses. Seriously, this is the only book I gave up on after a few pages, and it’s bruised my ego like no other. I look back to that day with shame, me who’s never felt shame for anything. I won’t even read any other stuff by Joyce till I “resolve” this.

Total number of books I have:
This is embarrassing. I only have 40 books. Ya, only forty.

Now before I lose my bibliophile rep, I’ll tell you that I’ve gone and bought all these books (except a couple) myself. And that too in the last three years—didn’t read much before that. And no hereditary stash of books for me :(

OK, I do return the books I don’t like that much. On the plus side, I guess I’ve read at least 80 books in the last year—on and off.

Just wait till I start earning…And ya, my folks here think I have too many books. My friends too. Kinda shows you the difference in opinions, don’t it?

Last book I bought:
Hocus Pocus. Bought a whole bunch of stuff a little before that too. Planning the next bunch :)

Five books that have meant a lot to me:
Honourable Mentions:
This is tricky stuff (I cheated). I can never list out anything like this. So I’m combining these sections.

OK, the collections first —

  • Hobbit | LotR | The Silmarrilion
  • All the Hitchhiker’s Guide books
  • The Potter stuff too—what got me “back” to reading.

Among the others, I’m still doing the mainstream stuff only. Gotta read the famous people before you abandon them and read the obscure. Books I own which are really up there on my list —

  • Catch-22— Every time I read it again, it twists my mind again.
  • 1984—the only book that gave me the creeps.
  • Slaughter-house 5—I’ll have to re-read Hocus Pocus a couple of time to really compare.
  • To Kill a Mockingbird—“What would Atticus do?” ;)
  • The Fountainhead—Atlas Shrugged is so blah compared to this wonderful book.
  • The Calvin & Hobbes 10th Anniversary book—the only book I have which was gifted to me and I really love. I can’t thank my luck enough, I’d never have got into Bill Watterson’s world without this.

Worst book ever:
In all fairness, I can’t say. I’m either indifferent to some book, or I love it. And give me any book, I’ll find some way to justify my reading it…

Grossest character ever written:
Toohey from the Fountainhead. Ughh…going for a bath.

And I’m not going to spread this meme at all. No one I really know is book-crazy enough, nor do most of them have blogs. And the few people I do know have already posted this.

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The Lonely Goatherd said...

ahh.. books books books

I should recommend Hermann Hesse's
Siddharta ... or Narcissus and Goldmund.