June 03, 2005

The craziness goes on

OK, there are two crazy things going on right now that I’m gonna talk about. Everything else is equally crazy, but these two are more fun.

First, the idiots in the (central) government here have banned smoking in films. New Bollywood movies now won’t have anyone smoking, and older ones are going to be shown with warning signs or something. I don’t know what’s going to happen to Hollywood stuff shown—maybe that will just get away with warning signs too. I hope they don’t start cutting whole scenes just because someone is smoking…

OK, repeat after me—the government is a bunch of morons. Again. The government is a bunch of morons.

Now that we’ve got this straight, tell me if you’re banning cigarettes on screen, why not ban them everywhere? Oh, you like the tax money don’t ya…

Oh, I laughed a lot reading this asinine thing, but now I guess the laugh is on us.

Next up, it’s the plan to introduce .xxx domain names. OK, lets get this straight—online “adult” content deserves it’s own domain. I don’t care. But you do know what is going to happen next don’t ya, countries like India will filter off any .xxx site. Not just porn, any adult material some guy thought to post on a site. The whole frikkin domain will be off limits.

Which I think was kinda the plan all along or something. Fanatics and all everywhere will try to pressure sites that have even a trace on “the stuff” to this domain—which will promptly be blocked. They are trying to categorize the net, which of course will never work. This is just gonna lead to a whole lot of shouting around, I tell ya.

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