June 25, 2005

del.icio.us direc.tor

I really like del.icio.us, but I’m not that crazy about it’s interface. Now lets face it, no one understands what it is the first time they look at it. I’ve grown accustomed to using it, so much that I just type in the search URL’s myself. I’ve got loads of links stored on my account, and I was not too worried about the way I access them as I just knew that someone would make a great way of using the site.

Viola, there’s del.icio.us direc.tor, which makes you drool with pleasure. Instantaneous tag searching, cool looking interface, tag browsing and sorting links; its got everything I want. And its bound to get better with time. Just try out the demo page and I know you’ll love it. I vote for including this into del.icio.us directly by default.

There are of course ways I already know this could be better. Like the ability to sort tags by the number of links in the tag browser. Making the date appear more humane. Skinning the edit tag link too, or at least using the ‘experimental’ or whatever its called now edit page. Browsing other people’s bookmarks as well. I could do this all day you know. But I’ll just stop and enjoy browsing my links for now.

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