June 14, 2005

Finally back.

I’ve been offline for four days. And time just keeps on flying by, it’s boring really.

I went and got a new 80 Gb HDD first. Lamington is the place to buy computer stuff in Mumbai, got it cheap. Then spent two days copying all the old stuff onto the new disk—backing up & restoring stuff, installing Windows again and so on. At least this new drive is faster than the old one—some consolation. And I can use the old 40 Gb as a ‘temp’ drive—really cool.

Then my connection broke from yesterday. No matter how many calls I’ve made, they can’t seem to fix the problem. When they finally did restore the LAN, I realised my connection’s expired. I told them to renew it—it’s been two hours and the idiots have not done it. I’m typing this offline—will post as soon as I get back online.

Oh, I’m dreading what my Bloglines account will look like after 4 days of not reading anything. Probably best for me to pick and choose—read only the important stuff. I can expect reading all the feeds I’ve subscribed to becoming compulsive—the dark side of being always connected. I know at least a couple of guys who’d be lost if someone switched-off their mobiles—don’t want to become like that.

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