June 09, 2005

Finally done.

You know, the exams are over. Other than that, nothing’s really changed right now. I’m not going to write any “stuff I plan do do this break” post—I never complete the things I plan to do anyway. But next up—got to go for another placement thing on the 14th, it’s L&T Infotech this time. Lets see.

OK, I’ve got to go and get a new hard disk—will do that soon. And of course shopping for new books—I hear most of the hawkers have relocated to another region nearby. Have to search. Again, Strand didn’t have almost any of the books I ordered online—what’s the point of running a site if you can’t buy stuff of it I wonder.

So its book shopping, without any definite idea of what to get. If I don’t find my regular guy, I’ll have to bargain for books, and I hate bargaining. Enough said.


Anonymous said...

hey ankit ,most of the time i see only public service ads.this is really lol google cant find a singal keyworld for which he can show ads on ur blogger lol ;)

The Unrest Cure said...

A month ago, I was feeling rather fortunate that the delhi hawkers hadn't been removed. Theirs was a once a week bazaar, on Sundays. Yesterday, while driving through the place, I found it empty. Will be checking again next week. *fingers crossed*

I really don't see what the f'in problem is with the governments.