June 30, 2005

Google: Earth & more

I’ve got to stop writing about Google now. Every time I write something, they announce something else the next day. Maybe one post a month or something…

The day after I felt really pleased putting up a post on Google Maps, they launched Google Earth. Its an amazing piece of software that you need a fast connection to really enjoy; which I don’t have. I just poked around here & there, having way too much fun. Give it a try, its worth the 10Mb download.

Misrosoft is also gonna come up with a similar tool, and the buzz is that it’s spectacular as well. We’ll see.

And the news is that Google Video went live. You can search for videos that people have uploaded and decided to share for free on that page. You’ll have to download the client in order to play them; which is based on the excellent VLC player.

But it does not work for me—I get a Video is currently not available message.

The video player plugin seems to be quite great for a 1Mb download, but I’ve not been able to test it. The famous Jon “So Sue Me” Johansen posted a patch that enables the plugin to play videos from other sites as well. Again, not tested it yet, I’ve been reading…

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Anonymous said...

Hey ankit,
let me know of some non journalling file systems
released under gnu gpl ofcourse
by the way google earth is cool
bad i still hav to connect thru dial up :-0
see ya