June 01, 2005

OK so far…

With the risk of being really boring, I’m going to write about how my exams are going so far.

The first, ITA went as well as possible. I had long sworn that I’d not learn anything related to programming just because it’s in the syllabus—I’ll learn some language only if I want to. And I don’t want to learn ASP right now, so I didn’t. That cost me 10 marks out of the hundred, but it’s OK with me.

The next was DBMS, which was actually an easy paper for a change. But I’m somewhat pissed at making some really stupid mistakes. It seems all my mistakes are stupid, and I only make mistakes when I know the subject. If I’m just bluffing, I almost always come up with the right answer, which is really weird.

And I’m typing this because tomorrow’s Software Engineering, the worst of the lot. Not difficult at all, if you consider reading something that’s so boring that it makes you wish you’d never learned to read difficult. It’s the most meaningless crap I’ve read.

The whole subject is about the “process” of software engineering—if I wanted to learn management I’d not have done engineering. What really bugs me is that 90% of management is BS, and I’ve got a natural talent at BS-ing my way through life. I’d be really good at it—it’s just that I don’t want to be.


Girl said...

I am, among other things, in in absolute awe of the links in your sidebar. Total ownage. Thanks!

- Shwe

Ankit said...

Ah, this recent batch of links was uncovered yesterday in the attempt to do "anything but study SE".

http://del.icio.us/tag/vonnegut helped ;)

The Unrest Cure said...

Hmm...never had the natural talent for BS'ing, but developed it while doing a management course. I take it as a game. I do, really. Good fun. And I win. *nods* *pause* *grin*