June 19, 2005


It’s started raining since yesterday…finally. It’s rained a little before yesterday, but yesterday was what I call the ‘start’ of the monsoon for me. It was overcast since morning, and I could hear a thunder-storm coming up from around 12:00 in the afternoon. After 30 minutes of anticipation, it did start to pour. The waiting paid off, it was the first torrential downfall of the season.

Boy, it felt real good. Its been raining on & off pretty much the entire time today, and this feels good too. My bed is just stuck near a huge window, and it feels great going to sleep listening to the sound of rain falling—with a little bit of it blowing in now and then too. I’ve not slept this well since winter.

Now I’m kicking myself for not going out & getting books sooner, a rainy day is perfect to get some good reading done.

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