June 27, 2005

Satellite view is here

Google Maps has expanded. It’s satellite view now covers most of the globe, and more importantly, India too. It won’t zoom in to street resolution (yet), but its close.

Check out some images:

  • That huge patch of green it the national park, plus those are a couple of lakes there which give us out water supply. Mumbai is the only city with a green area that size. That image is also at an ideal zoom level to explore—play around and look at the whole Mumbai from there. Zoom any more and the images are grainy for now.
  • The Mumbai airport, zoomed in as far as it would go.
  • That’s Delhi, where you can zoom into street level. Bummer.
  • And a WTF moment. How the hell can a desert look like snow?

Now I’m waiting for them to put up high-resolution images of Mumbai too.


Sunil Natraj said...


Am at college. Wasting time as usual.

Ankit said...

How's the placement thing going? Any good news at all? ;)