June 14, 2005


This time by Nikhil, on music. I didn’t write this sooner, being offline and all.

I have weird taste in music—weird as in I don’t like almost anything I hear at first, and I almost like everything after hearing it a couple of times. And although I love music, I don’t really listen to much. I’ll read any book I can get my hands on, but with songs it’s different. And for the last year I’ve been listening to instrumental stuff mostly.

Getting to it…

Total volumes of music files on my computer
More than a couple of Gb. Mostly got a lot of stuff from friends on LAN.

Songs playing right now
Right now it’s the Fellowship soundtrack by Howard Shore. It’s just got to the part where they get to Moria—“A Journey in the Dark” is the track currently playing. Told ya, I mostly play instrumental.

Five songs that mean a lot to me
OK, this is way too hard. I’m just writing down a few tracks that come to mind right now—my prefrences with music keep changing. I’m consulting my Audioscrobbler page for this—keeping it based on the stats.

  • Pearl Jam – Black: Depressingly great. With self-loathing thrown in, which is always fun.
  • Audioslave – Like a Stone: Love the vocals on this one.
  • Metallica – Nothing Else Matters: It’s a cliche to like this one, I know. But it’s nice.
  • Aerosmith – Dream On: Heard a live version once which almost made me hate this song.
  • Bif Naked – Lucky: Weird song this one. Can’t recommend enough.
  • Blind Melon – No Rain: “I like watching the puddles gather rain.”
  • Nirvana – You Know You’re Right: This was what got me started on Nirvana.
  • The Verve – Bittersweet Symphony: I love the video on this one too.

I’ll stop, or I’ll just keep on going. And those were in no particular order, BTW.

Five albums that mean a lot to me
I didn’t start thinking of music in ‘albums’ till very recently—I usually just pick the tracks I like. I still don’t know which albums most of my favourite songs are from. But here’s a try:

  • Howard Shore’s LotR soundtracks—listen to them while reading the book. Way too good to miss out.
  • Nirvana’s Unplugged in New York—another cliche, but many of my favourite Nirvana tracks are on this one. And they sound better.
  • Bee Gee’s One Night Only—I don’t really like this album now. But hearing it brings back memories, there was a Goa trip where this was the only piece of music we had.
  • The Almost Famous soundtrack—This got me into ‘classic’ rock, if I can call it that.

That should about do it…

Little known bands that I’d like to recommend
This depends on what you call ‘little known’ now. Most of my (offline) friends don’t listen to much English stuff, so even the relatively mainstream bands will be unknown to them. And then I also don’t really listen to a lot of new stuff.

If any of the bands on this list are well-known, that will just show you guys the extent of my musical ignorance. But do try listening to Staind, VAST, Cake, Thievery corporation (for moody instrumental goodness) and Live.

Ankit out.

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The Unrest Cure said...

Oh, that's one that I forgot to recommend - The Thievery Corporation. Try "Karma to Burn" too. Great guitar riffs.